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The Sanctuary of Lucia welcomes groups of pilgrims from all over the world. We provide information on how to reach the church, as well as how to book the possibility of celebrating mass, to have moments of prayer and other pastoral activities. We also offer information on diocesan activities in progress during your stay in Venice.

Please note the Sanctuary is available for group visits by reservation only

Sanctuary opening hours: 9.30 – 1 am and 2.30 – 5 pm (monday – sunday). Tuesday only afternoon.

Tourist visits for groups to the church are possible on the condition that they do not disturb other worshippers in the church. Please contact the Sanctuary in good time so it is possible to organise your visit.

The Sanctuary also offers guided tours of the church and its architecture, as well as to the life and martyrdom of Saint Lucia. Please contact the Sanctuary for more information.

Advice for visitors to the Sanctuary

The purpose of these notes is to help pilgrims and visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the Sanctuary.
Visiting a church is a spiritual experience, regardless of the motivation of those who enter.
Please help us to create a spiritual experience for all by:

  • Conserving the silence,
  • Respecting the climate of prayer,
  • Switching off mobile phones, or putting them on silent,
  • Photography is forbidden,
  • Please make sure your clothing is consistent with the decorum required by a church visit,
  • Please do not eat or drink inside the church,
  • Pay attention to all indications given inside the church.

Directions, meeting places and other information you will need will be given by the Sanctuary.